About Dechoker

The team at Dechoker UK are committed to one thing – saving lives in a choking emergency.
Our people work closely with our clients to support them when they need it – providing advice and guidance for those wanting to reduce the risk of choking death.

How It Works

Dechoker uses suction to remove obstructions blocking a person’s airway and preventing them from breathing. Using suction – not force – the effect on liquids is just as impressive.

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Clinical Support

Compliance, regulation and most importantly safety are at the core of everything we do at Dechoker – and has been since day 1. If you represent a CCG, NHS Trust, Local Authority, Council or other organisation and want to know more about Dechoker please get in touch.


Where we Work

For more than 4 years we have been saving lives in the UK.

Our objective is –  and always has been – to reduce the number of deaths and raise awareness of the silent killer that is choking.

Free eLearning Dechoker Device Training  

Our eLearning module is available for free from our eLearning partners below.

Don’t use eLearning? –  We provide you with free access plus an additional supporting courses including:

Dysphagia – Nutrition and Hydration – Oral Health Awareness


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Our Clients

We support a lot of people to prevent the risk of choking death, and from different sectors.

Keep Up to Date With Our Latest Information

There is always plenty to talk about in the adult care sector – and plenty of places to read it. If you want to see what we have been doing and read about topics that will be of interest to those people looking to reduce the risk of choking, choking death and how to make their setting safer.

Request a call back and talk to one of our experts today.