2 days - 2 more with Dechoker
  • 2 days - 2 more with Dechoker

    Resident chats to Paramedics after being minutes from choking death

    Dechoker has again demonstrated their benefit in a choking emergency, with two deployments over a couple of days. Both resulted in the airway cleared and both individuals were able to remain in their respective care services.

    In one case, the resident sat chatting to paramedics about what had just happened before they arrived – having been only minutes from death shortly beforehand.

    In a choking emergency time is critical as you cannot survive for long without oxygen before brain death occurs. Anything over 10 minutes is regarded as almost certain damage. Unlike a cardiac arrest, with an obstructed airway there is no new oxygenated blood entering the body.

    Choking Basic Life Support (BSL) can only be performed on a responsive person, which means the timeframe to deliver assistance is further restricted.

    How long could you hold your breath?

    To find out how you can respond quickly and effectively with Dechoker, watch our Demo here.