• 4 Lives In 4 Months – Dechoker prevents 2 choking deaths in 24 hours

    Coming within just a few months of reporting both our first and second UK lives saved, Dechoker devices are called on twice in 24 hours preventing two fewer choking deaths this year.

    Both cases involved food which, as we’ve posted before, is responsible for 85% of choking deaths in England & Wales.

    The choking incidents occurred within 24 hours of each other, with both Dechoker devices being deployed and successfully removing the obstructions.

    Dechoker Device

    Vanessa Rigby is Quality Assurance Manager at Cedars Care Group who oversaw the introduction of Dechoker devices across all of their care homes earlier this year. She told us that she ‘dreads to think‘ of the outcome if the Dechoker had not been in place.

    Choking is the biggest cause of death in the care and nursing homes, with 6 residents dying every month.

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