• Dechoker prevents 6th Care Home choking death

    Less than 5 months since it first saved a life in the UK, and under a year since it was launched in the UK, Dechoker has once again prevented another care home resident from a choking death.

    Set in the beautiful yet somewhat remote rolling fields of the Essex countryside, Dudbrook Hall dates back to the 15th Century and provides care for the elderly, those with memory impairments and Dementia.

    During lunchtime one of their residents began to show signs of distress. Care staff quickly identified they were choking and responded by delivering back blows in an attempt to remove the obstruction.

    As they did so, the resident continued to turn blue and they very quickly became unresponsive.

    Care staff immediately grabbed one of their Dechoker devices and whilst the resident remained in their chair, used it to remove the obstruction in a few seconds.

    In this case it was a plug of mashed potato which had become stuck in the resident’s airway.” Said Matt Oakley of Dechoker. “Being soft this can make it difficult to remove with back blows and abdominal thrusts as it absorbs the impact.” he added.

    An Out of Hours GP checked the resident over as a precaution and determined that they had suffered no ill effects as a result of the episode.

    We cannot express how relieved we are that we had Dechoker.” Said Kerry Toulson of St Michael’s Homes who run both Dudbrook Hall and the nearby Howard House.