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  • Achieve Together Dechoker

    Achieve together complete Phase 2 of Dechoker roll-out

    After a successful deployment of 150 Dechoker ACD kits earlier this year, Achieve together bought forward Phase 2 of their plans to deploy the life-saving equipment across all sites.

    As one of the UK’s leading providers of support for people with learning disabilities, autism and associated complex needs this demonstrates a commitment to enhanced safety in care with over 400 individual kits now distributed.

    eLearning was again supported using their exiting eLFY/Access platform which – as a Dechoker partner – have provided their clients with access to the CPD Certified course for over a year.

    This allowed Achieve together to bring forward plans, with staff uptake of training and positive feedback helping to achieve this.

    With over 400 devices now in place they are the latest high-profile adult care provider to recognise the ever present difficulties presented when managing a choking emergency.

    The Dechoker ACD provides support for carers to be able to respond quickly, safely in a choking emergency as part of the existing guidance. In some cases, it can often be the first line of support available.

    To see how Dechoker works and what makes it safe click here.