• Liverpool bus driver saves baby from choking to death on a sweet

    A Liverpool mum has told how an Arriva bus driver saved a baby’s life at Alder Hey Children’s hospital after the little girl began ‘choking’ while on his bus.

    Stacia Joel said that the bus driver came running across East Prescot Road and into the hospital at around 5pm on 2nd March with a one-year-old girl in his arms, trying desperately to dislodge something that appeared to be stuck in her throat.

    She said that the driver, called Norman, managed to remove the item, saving the baby’s life.

    Alder Hey Hospital

    Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

    Stacia, from Toxteth, said: “I was stood outside the front entrance to Alder Hey at around 5pm when this bus stopped on the other side of East Prescot Road. And then the driver comes running across the road with a baby in his arms.

    “He looked very stressed, and the baby appeared to be choking. And then the mum followed him across the road. She had a pram and was struggling to get it across the verge in the middle of the road. I shouted at her to leave the pram.

    “The next minute the driver comes through the front door to the hospital, with the baby in his arms. You could tell she had something stuck in her throat, and the driver was patting her back to try and get her to cough it up.

    “He was on his way to A and E – by now a small crowd had gathered around the driver. The next minute the sweet that was stuck in the in the tot’s throat popped out.

    Arriva Bus

    Arriva Bus Driver headed to A&E

    “The driver saved her life. I told the mum to get her checked out with a nurse. I then had a chat with the driver. He was worried about his bus which he had left in the road.

    “I told him that he was a hero. I just hope that his passengers gave him a round of applause. I also told the mum to go to A and E to make sure her baby was OK.”

    Stacia told the Liverpool Echo that her own daughter had recently undergone a procedure at Alder Hey. She said: “My daughter was born premature, and has just had surgery to her throat. A relative had come to visit and I had walked her out onto the road when I saw the bus driver running toward me.”

    Source:Liverpool Echo