Dechoker prevents 3 choking deaths
  • Dechoker prevents 3 choking deaths

    A busy Bank Holiday for Dechoker with 3 lives saved in 3 care homes

    It turned out to be a very busy Bank Holiday weekend for many of our clients with 3 Dechoker ACD kits deployed in choking incidents across 3 different adult care services.

    This hasn’t happened for a while, however with Dechoker devices being used to prevent a likely choking death every 5 days in the UK alone it only hints towards the problem.

    ONS Choking Statistics - Dechoker UK

    Choking is one of, if not the largest cause of preventable death in adult care with only falls likely to get close in comparison.

    With a lack of data available from the CQC and choking incidents and deaths in care the exact figure is difficult to ascertain. Using data based on information from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the NHS the true extent is rather worrying.

    In each of the incidents where a Dechoker ACD is used in a choking emergency we automatically replace it for free with a brand new device – free of charge and delivered the next day.

    Find out what makes a Dechoker ACD safe and effective on our Demo page.