• 2nd Worksop Care Home to use DeChoker on choking resident in 2 days

    Approaching the 2 year anniversary of our launch in the UK, it is not an unusual occurrence to receive a call from a client telling us they have used a DeChoker in a choking emergency.

    What is unusual is to receive 2 calls on the same day, from 2 different clients BOTH of whom had used their DeChoker to prevent a resident from choking.

    As testament to their Outstanding rating from the CQC and a Band 5 rating (the highest) from Nottinghamshire County Council, the owners of Beech House Care Home in Worksop are always looking for ways to improve resident comfort and safety.

    Beech House has a CQC Outstanding rating

    And a decision by Fiona and Simon Hodgkinson to install DeChoker has proved to be a good investment, with staff needing to deploy one earlier this week when a resident began to choke.

    Continued efforts to try and clear the obstruction failed, and by calling on one of the two DeChoker devices in their home staff were able to clear the blockage, allowing the resident to breathe again.

    The 3rd usage of a DeChoker in the space of just 2 days last weekend across different care providers shows just how significant the issue of choking is in the adult care sector.