• Chesterfield Care Home call on DeChoker to save a resident from choking

    Last weekend, as the residents of Brookholme Care Home in Chesterfield were enjoying their Sunday lunch care staff became aware of a problem. Despite all the precautions being in place, one of their residents looked like they were choking.

    Care staff immediately intervened and began to attempt back blows and abdominal thrusts to try and clear their airway.

    After several attempts and multiple efforts to dislodge the obstruction the resident eventually lost consciousness as their brain ran out of oxygen.

    Fortunately, earlier this year Brookholme installed DeChoker devices in their home and whilst staff were attempting Basic Life Support (BLS) one was ready in the dining room.

    Moments later using a DeChoker, staff removed a piece of roast potato that as preventing them from breathing. With blockage removed, the resident began to regain consciousness in just a few minutes.

    The senior on duty at the time of the incident said ‘I really thought we had lost her, and I do think if we hadn’t had the DeChoker she wouldn’t be here today. I was so upset.’

    Paramedics on their way under blue-lights and sirens arrived at the care home to find the resident conscious and breathing before taking them to A&E as a precaution.

    In less than 3 hours the resident was back in their care home having been released from hospital with no further concerns.

    Every call telling us how DeChoker has helped prevent a choking death is a special one’. said Matt Oakley of Dechoker UK. ‘What this also highlight is how far the benefit of DeChoker extends beyond the obvious. Saving a life.