• Grandfather choked to death while eating dinner with his grandson

    A 63-year-old man died after choking on a piece of pork while eating dinner with his grandson.

    Martin Collins died on April 27th last year at his home in Caerphilly after a piece of food, believed to be pork, became lodged in his airway.

    His grandson Josh Collins was able to remove some of the food from his airway but he went on to suffer cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at the scene.

    An inquest into Mr Collins’ death was held at Newport Coroners’ Court on on Tuesday.

    In his witness statement read during the hearing, Josh said he had prepared the meal for his grandfather and that the pair were eating in the living room shortly before 5pm when Mr Collins started to choke.

    Josh took his grandfather, who had been drinking cider, into the bathroom next to the living room and managed to dislodge some of the meat, but said he was still “struggling to breathe”.

    He then took Mr Collins back into the living room and started to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre but said his grandfather continued to choke and “started to turn blue”.

    Josh said he then ran outside and asked neighbours for help before dialling 999.

    Paramedics arrived at the property and managed to dislodge more pork from Mr Collins’ throat using foreceps.

    However, his condition continued to deteriorate and he went into cardiac arrest. Paramedics declared Mr Collins dead at 5.03pm.

    Senior coroner Caroline Saunders told the hearing that Mr Collins had an alcohol addiction and had been taking unprescribed morphine tablets – both of which can cause drowsiness and suppress the gag reflex.

    However, she said that a toxicology report showed that Mr Collins’ alcohol levels were relatively low at 75mg per decilitre and that it was her opinion that neither morphine or alcohol contributed to Mr Collins’ death.

    A post-mortem examination carried out my Dr Stephen Leadbetter showed that Mr Collins had suffered “severe narrowing” of the airways.

    Ms Saunders accepted a medical cause of death as choking with food, saying: “In this case, it was a mechanical failure caused by food becoming lodged in his airway.”

    Coroner Ms Saunders recorded a conclusion of misadventure.

    Source: Wales Online