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Care & Nursing Home

We help the smallest care homes to some of the largest and most recognised care providers in the UK to protect the people in their care.

Choking is the largest cause of unexpected death in the sector with an average of 6 residents/service users dying as a result of choking every month in England and Wales.

Older people are at a much greater risk of choking for a number of reasons. A reduced ability to chew, lack of saliva and conditions such as Dysphagia and Dementia amongst others.

When a service user or resident dies as a result of choking, the effects are often traumatic for everyone involved.

Not withstanding the feelings of the the family, there is also an impact on the other residents, the staff involved and the reputation of the home.

In addition, what follows will be an inquest held by the coroner with the involvement of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the local safeguarding board with legal representation required.