• Scrambled Egg at breakfast no problem for Dechoker

    Staff at an Essex based provider of step down services and long-term residential care came to the aid of wheelchair user who began to choke this week.

    When existing first aid treatments failed they turned to one of their Dechoker ACD kits which removed the scrambled egg. With staff knowing what to do the process took just seconds.

    When the incident was over there was no need for a visit to hospital which could have caused further disruption and difficulties as a result.

    Wheelchair users present a very clear example of the difficulties of delivering existing Basic Life Support when the person choking is seated and unable to stand-up.

    In the image below the process seems simple. However, it does not reflect the problems found when presented with a large moulded wheelchair or a winged back chair often found in care settings.

    In incidents such as this the Dechoker has demonstrated how effective it can be managing at managing a choking situation when the person is seated.