• Resident dies choking on lunch hours after receiving Covid jab

    A Colchester Care Home resident died after choking on his lunch just a few hours after being given his first Covid-19 vaccination and beating the virus.

    In a further tragic twist his wife had died in a car accident just a few days before after she was on her way home from her own vaccination. Neither of the two incidents are being linked to the vaccination.

    An inquest has heard how Peter Smith, 82, who was a resident at an unnamed Colchester Care Home died after choking whilst eating.

    Assistant Coroner Tina Harrington heard Mr Smith was eating his lunch around 1.25pm when the incident happened.

    Carers delivered back blows before he went limp and was placed on the floor where CPR was given.

    Magill Forceps

    “Paramedics used forceps to remove the food that was lodged in his throat, however, the gentleman, Mr Smith, sadly passed away.

    Assistant Coroner Tina Harrington

    There was no mention of the vaccination being linked to the choking incident during the inquest.

    Tragically, just over a week before Mr Smith’s passing his wife died in a road traffic incident whilst herself returning from her own vaccination. Again the vaccination and the incident are not being linked.

    Source: NewsChant