• Coronavirus & Dechoker – UPDATE

    A large number of our clients are adult care providers including #carehomes and #nursinghomes who are obviously under lot of pressure due to the #coronavirus outbreak.

    We were in touch with our clients at an early stage, reassuring them that as a supplier of medical devices our contingency planning was already in place.

    As a sterile unit Dechoker is single-use only and cannot be used again. In the event that a device is used in a choking emergency Dechoker will automatically replace it for free via next-day delivery.

    The Dechoker UK team are working remotely, and we also have new and sterile devices stored with our independent training providers around the UK

    In the event there is any disruption to the delivery network and with ongoing changes to guidance on travel we are confident that should anyone need a replacement Dechoker we can get this to them without issue.

    In addition all of our clients have free and ongoing access to the Dechoker Online Training Platform at dechoker.training which they can use to train any new care staff.

    This is an incredibly busy time for the #caresector and we acknowledge all the hard work and commitment they continue to show.