• Dechoker saves 2nd Care Home Resident from choking death in 5 weeks!

    The 87-year-old was enjoying lunch at one of Oakdale Care Group’s homes when he began to choke on a piece of food which had become stuck in his airway.

    With the first UK life saved just over a month ago in Sale, Manchester, Dechoker has once again prevented a life threatening choking incident. This time on the outskirts of Northampton.

    The incident occurred at the recently opened Timken Grange Care Home in the village of Duston.

    The home, along with the rest of Oakdale’s portfolio, have Dechoker devices on every floor with their care teams comprehensively trained both how and when to use them.

    “Choking is responsible for 6 care home deaths every month.” said Matt Oakley, Director at Dechoker UK. “We are both pleased and proud that once again Dechoker has been shown to be effective in a choking emergency.”

    The effects of a choking death are far-reaching. Initially there will be an emotional impact on the other residents and staff, especially those involved with the incident.

    In addition there is the reputational damage to the home, the time and implications associated with a visit from the CQC and the subsequent Coroner’s inquest.

    Choking is regarded as an unexpected death, and such will be investigated. Not forgetting, throughout this entire process the family and friends of the resident are having to come to terms with both the cause of death and the implications as a result.

    “We are delighted that our carers have been trained and are comfortable with using the Dechoker.“ said Rachel Cadd, Timken Grange Home Manager. “We are confident that we would not hesitate in using the device again should the occasion arise.”

    With a single unit cost of under £100 and training options to suit, Dechoker continues to develop develop relationships with care providers throughout the UK.