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Dechoker – Sitting Down

The most common reason for someone to choke is food.* It is perhaps not unsurprising then, that most choking incidents occur when a person is sitting down to eat.

Guidance for the treatment of adults in choking emergency consists of back blows and abdominal thrusts – or Heimlich manoeuvre as it used to be known – an both procedures require the person choking to be standing up.

With limited mobility often a reason why someone may require additional support, attempting to perform both treatments is likely to prove problematic or even dangerous to both parties if they need to be held-up or supported.

There is no guidance for carers or care providers on how to manage a person who cannot stand unsupported when faced with a choking emergency.

*Source: Office for National Statistics

Dechoker  – Lying Down

As is the case with someone who is responsive and in the sitting position, there is similarly no guidance on what to do when the person choking is responsive, lying down and cannot stand.

They may have collapsed, fallen, or as is becoming increasingly common lying in bed. In an ideal situation, when eating the advice is to sit upright – however for many adults. particularly those in this often neither practical or possible to do.

Being bed-fed is often the only alternative. This both increases the risk of choking, and in the event of a choking incident makes managing the response a challenge. Lifting someone out of bed goes against much of what is sat out in Moving & Handling guidance for carers and forms part of Health & Safety.

Choking is a life or death situation – providers should consider all aspects of choking management from prevention to response.

Dechoker ACD

The Dechoker ACD – Airway Clearance Device – has been developed for use in a choking emergency when existing Basic Life Support techniques have failed.

When a person’s airway is obstructed and they cannot breathe – either with food or another object – then time is absolutely critical. The hand-held Dechoker creates directed suction over the airway and is designed to remove food, liquid or other obstructions.

Dechoker ACD

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