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The DeChoker ACD (Airway Clearance Device) has been developed specifically for use in a choking emergency.

When a person begins to choke, time is absolutely critical. The average person is likely to become unresponsive very quickly, with brain death expected after just 10 minutes.

DeChoker creates a powerful and directed suction to remove the object from the airway.

Dechoker can be used by almost anyone and requires very little instruction.

Using a handle to generate suction allows the Dechoker to be used when the person is lying down when in bed or on the floor. Or, sitting upright, perhaps in dining chair or wheelchair.

Placing the Dechoker over the mouth and nose creates a seal, with the tube sitting over the airway.

Placing a hand on the mask ensures it remains in place when the handle is pulled.

Pulling back on the handle creates the suction which is amplified by the chamber. The tube directs the suction over the airway ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Whilst back blows and abdominal thrusts may clear enough of the obstruction to allow breathing to commence, there may well be food remaining in the airway. This is most likely to occur when choking on soft or mashed foods.

There is a risk food particles remaining in the airway can be sucked down into the lungs resulting in a lung infection, bronchial pneumonia or other conditions which can often prove very serious for the elderly or infirm.

Dechoker is more likely to clear the airway, reducing the risk of this occurring.

To ensure that any air or the contents extracted on the first pull are returned back down the airway, two safety valves work together to ensure this cannot happen. Pressing back down on the handle forces the air out of the side of the device and not back down the tube.

This allows a second attempt to be made which takes advantage of the air being removed on the first attempt.
Due to the nature of the device, Dechoker is a single use item. We replace any Dechoker device used for FREE