• Does a DNAR apply when choking? Here’s what you said…

    Last week via LinkedIn we ran a 3 day poll asking the question ‘Does a DNAR apply in a Choking Emergency?‘ with either Yes, No or Don’t know as the options.

    15% of the respondents gave the wrong answer, some of whom I suspect were surprised they were incorrect. Neither during a choking emergency, or at the subsequent inquest is the time to have that debate.

    In a choking emergency time is critical, and the decision to assist or for how long is clearly an important one. Having a DNAR or DNACPR (they are the same thing) in place is extremely common in adult care settings.

    Published in 2016 guidance for Healthcare Professionals with specific reference to choking in care and nursing homes stated a;

    ‘DNACPR decision does not override clinical judgement in the unlikely event of a reversible cause’

    Our experience working across adult care and choking risk reduction in the years since this document was published we know that its existence is not widely know. To receive a copy via email simply click here.