• Wheelchair user & choking – take a moment to think.

    In a choking emergency, delivering back blows and abdominal thrusts on someone is difficult enough. If that person needs support when standing, then doing either is going to be harder still.

    If you are a wheelchair user, or you support, know or work with someone who is, you may want to take a moment to consider the options available in a choking emergency.

    Delivering back blows or may be possible if the person in the wheelchair is choking and able to lean forwards in their chair. Perhaps the back removed from the chair allowing access.

    If this cannot be achieved or is ineffective, next step would be placing your arms sufficiently around them and their chair to deliver abdominal thrusts.

    It’s easy to see how in certain circumstances this could be difficult, or perhaps even impossible.

    A Dechoker ACD can be used when the person choking is seated and not just in a wheelchair. It also works when the person is lying down having collapsed.

    To watch the video demo and find out more click here.