Choking on Crayons Dechoker
  • Choking on Crayons Dechoker

    Dysphagia patient died after 28 crayons found in their airway

    Sent home after originally being seen in hospital following a choking incident, the woman was given antibiotics after an X-ray failed to identify the items.

    Her symptoms worsened and she returned to the hospital where a CT scan identified 28 crayons in her oesophagus. These were surgically removed before she later died.

    Crayons in oesophagus
    Source: The Journal of Emergency Medicine

    Reviewing the incident researchers suggest her death is used as an example of why doctors should check the oesophagus in non-verbal patients presenting with similar issues which can be caused by a Foreign Body Airway Obstruction or FBAO.

    “Delayed recognition of foreign body puts patients at risk for oesophageal perforation, aspiration, airway compromise, infection, sepsis, and death.”

    They also warn that where a ‘non-verbal’ patients is experiencing problems breathing they should consider investigating a potential FBAO given the increased risk to certain cohorts.

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