Dechoker and Flexebee
  • Dechoker and Flexebee

    Dechoker eLearning course now available on Flexebee

    Thanks to the hard work of the team over at Flexebee, the Dechoker ACD training course is now available to their clients on their eLearning platform.

    The module sits alongside the existing Flexebee e-learning courses. Their portfolio of not only engage your staff, they help empower them to be the best at whatever skill they choose.

    The Dechoker eLearning course provides an overview on choking and how to spot the signs. Comprehensive video demonstrations and assessment provide instruction on how to use the Dechoker in a choking emergency.

    How to deploy the Dechoker ACD when the person choking is sitting down or lying down.

    Flexbee offer a free trial of their eLearning platform for 14 days which includes unlimited access to courses – contact www.flexebee.com for more information.