• Resident saved from choking and avoids trip to A&E

    A Liverpool care home has seen first hand just how beneficial having a DeChoker on site can be, when one of their residents began choking last week.

    The incident occurred during breakfast time at Flightcare’s Orchard Care Home, with staff having done all they could and the resident unresponsive.

    Within a few seconds food was removed and the resident began to recover from their ordeal before been seen by a paramedic at the care home as a precaution.

    If the outcome wasn’t already positive one, the resident did not require any additional monitoring or treatment by the emergency services or required to attend A&E.

    Given the current situation and the need to try and reduce any unnecessary reasons for residents to remain inside their home this can only be a positive thing all round.

    A new Direct Debit option allows smaller care providers to deploy DeChoker across their services with no upfront cost and to spread the cost.