• NHS study on Dechoker continues to generate interest in choking

    Within just a few years of Dechoker being made available to the Adult Care sector in the UK, an NHS Foundation Trust published an efficacy study exploring 27 lives saved with the device in the UK

    Covid constraints on medical journals during 2020 delayed the the peer-reviewed study which was finally published in December by Frontiers – one of the leading open-access medical journals in the world.

    Berrywood Hospital | NHFT

    Using interviews and data analysis the study explored individual instances where a Dechoker device was used in a severe choking emergency.

    The data collected from the Post Market Surveillance which has operated continuously since the first deployment of a Dechoker in the UK allowed researchers to look beyond efficacy and evaluate the circumstances around each incindent.

    The study also completes a comprehensive review of the existing approach to managing choking within an adult care setting.

    You can find more information and access the study here.