Coroner's Court #chokeaware
  • Coroner's Court #chokeaware

    Coroner: Chances of surviving choking were ‘practically non-existent’

    A coroner hearing the details of a Care Home choking death has said of the incident: ‘The chances of surviving this particular choking event were practically non-existent…’

    Ian Wade QC made the statement regarding the death of George ‘David’ Hewitt who choked to death at Essex Care Home just before Christmas last year.

    Rosewood Lodge Care Home, Ilford

    The inquest held at Walthamstow Coroners Court heard how Mr Hewitt, a 74-year-old choked and died on 1st December 2020 after eating a sandwich at the Rosewood Care Home in Ilford, Essex.

    The court heard that staff tried to clear his airway without success for ten minutes before paramedics arrived.

    ‘David died because he ate his sandwich too quickly, it went down the wrong way and obstructed his airway. That was an unintended, unwanted and unforeseen event.

    Ian Wade QC

    In August last year his care plan had been updated to note that he ate too quickly and should be supervised when eating.

    The coroner ruled that staff had responded quickly and appropriately but that it was likely “David had gone into cardiac arrest even before the (999) call was connected”.

    Source: East London & West Essex Guardian