• Hull ‘Family man’ died after choking on his Sunday roast dinner

    A beloved family man died after choking on a Sunday roast dinner at his daughter’s home. Stefan Laws died on November 25 last year after going round to her house in Goole, Hull.

    At the inquest into the 53-year-old’s death held Hull Coroner’s Court heard that his family and their neighbours had desperately tried to clear his throat using back slaps and the Heimlich manoeuvre.

    But it was only after paramedics arrived that they were able to remove the potato, peas and Yorkshire pudding that was lodged in his airway reported Hull Live.

    Despite continuing extensive efforts to resuscitate him, Stefan passed away in his daughter’s kitchen.

    Stefan’s son Carl said: “It was such a massive shock to us.

    “He died the day after my birthday and I’ve been trying to stay strong for my sisters and the rest of the family.

    “It’s something we’ll never get over, it’s something we have to support each other on.

    “They say time is a healer but how do you fix something that’s permanently broken? You can’t fix a broken heart.”

    The court heard that Stefan suffered from diabetes, which he managed with medication, but which also contributed to a mindset that told him to eat his meals quickly to boost his blood sugar levels.

    He had three children who he raised mostly alone after his wife sadly passed away after suffering with epilepsy.

    Carl said: “He brought us up as mum and dad, not just our dad.

    “Nothing was ever too much trouble for him, he was just a really caring person. Everybody knew him as ‘Big Stef’, not just because of his size but because he had a big heart.

    “I don’t believe there’ll be anyone that’s so strong-minded yet so soft and kind-hearted.”

    Stefan also left behind five grandchildren.

    “He lived for his grandchildren,” Carl said. “I mean we were his world but then his grandchildren were too.

    “He was a family man – he spent all of his time with us. And he loved laying and watching Dave and a bit of Gold on TV.”

    At the inquest, area coroner Rosemary Baxter concluded that Stefan’s death was the result of a tragic accident.