• ‘I saw her turn blue’: Carer praised for saving pensioner from choking to death on a slice of toast

    Carer Buki Krasniqi has been hailed a “superhero” after saving the life of a Hampstead pensioner who almost choked to death on a slice of toast, reports the Ham&High

    Buki, 50, was making 92 year-old Eunice Waller her second cup of tea of the morning when the older woman began to choke. “When I was making the cup of tea, I heard her struggling. Then I saw her. Her face was completely blue,” she told the Ham&High.

    “She couldn’t talk at all. I did my best to keep calm, and and tried to talk to her, to keep her calm too.”

    Buki said after pats on the back failed to dislodge the toast, she resorted to the Heimlich Manouvre.

    She continued: “I pushed sharply about four times, and then the piece of toast pinged out. Straight away, she said to me: ‘You’ve saved my life.’, Her family were so grateful. I didn’t even need to call an ambulance or anything. She was absolutely fine.”

    Buki, who works for care company Home Instead Camden, said her training had really helped her. “At the moment I just wanted me to be calm to give the best care to Eunice. I had to not panic and just do what I could.”

    Eunice’s daughter Val Hughes said: “When we found out how Buki saved Eunice’s life, we were so thankful. She did an excellent job keeping mum calm. We are very grateful to her.”.

    Buki’s boss Sylwia Sawa praised her, saying: “In this case, Buki was able to stay calm, and take the appropriate steps to perform the life-saving manoeuvre to Eunice after she had accidentally choked on a piece of toast.

    “We are pleased to report Eunice is doing well and is ever so grateful to Buki for saving her life.”

    Source: Ham&High