• With 11 lives saved last year. What next for 2019…?


    Save more lives.

    When our anti-choking device was first used back in April to to save someone’s life, we had hopes that it wold happen again fairly soon.

    We are pleased today to confirm a total number of 11 (eleven) choking deaths in the adult care sector last year were prevented with Dechoker.

    And with 3 of these incidents occurring in the weeks leading up to Christmas, the team behind the simple device are confident they can halve the 100 recorded choking deaths that occur in care homes every year.

    CEO, Matt Oakley announced in the Autumn the company’s goal to save 100 lives by 2022 and speaking about the figures, he is confident this is achievable.

    In terms of the impact Dechoker has had on the people it has helped and the growth of the company, it has been a fantastic first 12 months for Dechoker.” He said. “And with the number of Dechoker devices are rolling out with clients over the next couple of months I anticipate we will move from saving 1 life every month, to 1 every week” He added.

    The company also revealed that the most common food to cause a person to choke was potato, followed by meat. And in all but two of the incidents where Dechoker was called upon the resident was sitting down.

    “For many years the sector has struggled to respond to a choking emergency, largely due to the complex needs of the people in their care.” Continued Matt. “This has been realised in the way that care providers have been quick to see the benefit of Dechoker, the results of which speak for themselves.”