• Coroner issues warning about Latex gloves as Care Home resident dies.

    A coroner has issued a warning to adult care providers about the dangers of latex gloves after a resident was found dead in the lounge of her care home in Greater Manchester.

    The 78-year old female resident who suffered from Dementia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) was admitted to the home in June 2018 after being assessed as requiring full-time care.

    The inquest heard that within the home residents had unrestricted access to the gloves used for examination.

    Chris Morris, Area Coroner for Manchester South issued the warning about the gloves in his report saying ‘It is matter of concern that many settings where care is provided to vulnerable people they are extremely easy to access.’

    His final narrative conclusion was that the resident ‘..died as a consequence of obtaining and ingesting a latex glove whilst unsupervised in her care home.’

    Whilst this is a sad and possibly avoidable death I feel the warning should go further.

    The Inquest also head that that in the later months of her life the resident had ‘…developed an appreciable propensity to insert foreign objects in her mouth.’ Something that is not uncommon for people with Dementia.

    Food is by far the most common reason for someone choke. In adult care, a resident ‘grabbing’ food from another plate is something we often hear from providers as the cause of a choking incident.

    At DeChoker we are close to completing our Choking Advice Guide for Adult Care providers which is aimed at reducing the risk of choking in the first place. Copies of which will be distributed to all of our existing clients and will also be available for download from our website.

    As well as guidance it also includes a framework for a specific Choking Policy and Protocol. Something that the CQC have told us they are rather keen to see.

    If you would like a copy please feel free to send us an email or leave a comment below.