Dechoker Life Saved Buckfastleigh
  • Dechoker Life Saved Buckfastleigh

    LIFE SAVED: Another life saved and A&E avoided

    It’s easy to forget that when a choking incident occurs the implications can be huge – even if the person survives. There is the trauma to the individual, the impact on staff and also the residents around them.

    If the person requires and visit to A&E then a member of staff is going to need to accompany them. The implications around Covid-19 and being off site will also need to be considered.

    “The entire incident lasted no longer than 40 secs and was the scariest in my entire social care career”


    In this instance Abdominal Thrusts could not physically be delivered, with the resident becoming more agitated as time passed. In combination of back blows and the Dechoker ACD the obstruction was removed and resident was able to breathe again.

    After being checked by their GP with the immediate danger over the resident was able to remain in their home.

    The Dechoker ACD does not replace Basic Life Support (BLS) it works in conjunction with the process to ensure assistance can be delivered.

    To find out more about the Dechoker ACD protocol here.