Dechoker Life Saved Bury in Manchester
  • Dechoker Life Saved Bury in Manchester

    LIFE SAVED: Dechoker called on again when Choking First Aid proves impossible

    KNOWING what to do – yet being unable to do it – could be more frustrating than NOT KNOWING what to do. In a life or death situation this is fairly obvious, and yet it happens multiple times a day in adult care.

    The Dechoker ACD does NOT replace Choking Basic Life Support (and for the record we have never suggested otherwise) and is there as a last resort when exiting procedures prove ineffective.

    This particular care provider in Greater Manchester completed a Risk Assessment on managing choking. They found very quickly the support they were able to offer was limited for a lot of their residents.

    Subsequently making the decision to deploy Dechoker ACD equipment across the home paid off when they found themselves in exactly situation the risk assessment had shown.

    With all staff trained annually and on induction the resident was able to remain in the home post choking incident thanks to forward planning.

    To find out how we can help support you to reduce the risk of choking and choking death get in touch.