Life Saved with Dechoker ACD - Frinton-on-Sea
  • Life Saved with Dechoker ACD - Frinton-on-Sea

    LIFE SAVED: Piece of Ham Sandwich nearly caused Bank Holiday tragedy.

    Lunch could have ended in tragedy when a piece of ham sandwich became stuck in a resident’s airway over the Bank Holiday weekend. Fortunately, trained care staff have access to a Dechoker ACD and were able to remove the obstruction when existing methods failed.

    After a short trip to the local A&E for a check-up they were back at home and able to enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend. As were the staff.

    Choking is always a risk, and within certain cohorts the risk can be much higher. The same conditions that can increase the risk also make it much harder to respond when a choking emergency occurs.

    To find out more about the risks and to see how the Dechoker ACD works click here.