Dechoker saves choking resident at Hft
  • Dechoker saves choking resident at Hft

    LIFE SAVED: Choking Incident at Hft over in seconds

    A choking incident at a residential care home run by Hft was over in seconds after support staff turned to their Dechoker – just weeks after the leading adult care provider rolled out the devices.

    It did not take long for the life-saving equipment to be called into action after Hft, one of the largest charities supporting people with learning disabilities, completed a roll-out of Dechoker ACD kits and training late last year.

    The person being supported had dysphagia, which placed them at much higher risk of aspiration, which can be both a cause and result of choking. On the day in question, they were being supported to eat their lunch when they began to cough.

    ‘Alarmingly, they stopped coughing and their lips began to turn blue.’

    The member of support staff performed both back slaps and abdominal thrusts but was unable to clear the obstruction.

    Thankfully, support staff at the residential care home had been trained and the service provided with a Dechoker so, acting fast, they began to use it on the person choking.

    Within seconds the obstruction was removed and the situation was over. The colour soon returned to the person’s lips, and they became visibly more relaxed.

    After notifying their GP of the incident no further action was necessary. A scenario that, had a Dechoker not have been available, would most likely have been a different one.

    After saving multiple lives across the adult care sector, the member of staff became the first at Hft to use a Dechoker device in a real choking emergency.