Dechoker UK: Three lives saved before Christmas
  • Dechoker UK: Three lives saved before Christmas

    LIVES SAVED: Three residents and their families able to enjoy Christmas

    In the few weeks leading up to Christmas, three of our Adult Care clients deployed their Dechoker ACD equipment in a life or death choking emergency. And with only a few days into the New Year, we have already recorded our first life-saved.

    In each case, not only was their a positive outcome, none of those involved were required to attend A&E after the incident. A clear and obvious improvement over what was most likely leading to a very different outcome.

    In all three situations care staff had delivered Choking Basic Life Support (BLS) either without success or, were unable to carry out one or both procedures.

    Despite common misconceptions, those at greater at risk of choking to death are the elderly, people with a physical or mental impairment and / or learning disability.

    The average age of the three instances here is 80.6 years-of-age. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (below) dispels the myth that children are the most likely cohort to choke with the result being death, than their older counterparts.

    ONS Choking Statistics - Dechoker UK
    Office for National Statistics (ONS)

    There are multiple reasons why this is the case, with conditions such as Dysphagia increasing the risk of a choking incident.

    The increase in age related death is not only attributed to the age-related ill-health, but also difficulties in delivering Choking BLS when a choking incident occurs.

    To find out how effective a Dechoker can be in a choking emergency what our demo here.