• LIVES SAVED: 2 Care Home choking deaths prevented in first week of 2022

    With multiple Dechoker ACD kits deployed BEFORE Christmas, the FIRST WEEK of the New Year has already seen 2 choking deaths prevented in 2 different adult care settings within days.

    In one case staff struggled to deliver Back Blows and Abdominal Thrusts/Heimlich due to the individual being a wheelchair user. In both cases, the Dechoker successfully removed the obstruction and the resident’s recovered quickly.

    From our first life-saving incident in with a Dechoker at a Care Home back in March 2018, we have seen a steady increase in the number of usage incidents. Whilst this has corresponds to the increase in the number of Dechoker ACD kits deployed in the Adult Care, it clearly demonstrates choking is a big issue in the sector.

    Is also pretty clear that attempting to deliver life-saving First Aid techniques is going to be either difficult, or even impossible, if the person choking is unable to stand or support themselves.

    This very issue was raised in an NHS Study which explored how a response to a choking incident could be dealt with in the adult care sector when faced with this situation.

    You can access the study here.

    To see how a Dechoker ACD works when an individual is either seated or lying down click here.