Dechoker is not just for food
  • Dechoker is not just for food

    Resident helped as they choked

    In most cases it’s food that causes people to choke and accounts for around 85% of all choking deaths according to the Office for National Statistics.

    This still leaves a lot of incidents where this isn’t the case. And for some people with a variety of conditions their reasons for choking are not as a result of eating and drinking.

    It was just such an incident in which a resident at a Coventry care home faced when they began to choke. Carers recently came to their aid when they began choking on what was found to be a large amount of phlegm.

    Unable to clear it themselves the situation became more difficult when First Aid proved ineffective. When all other options were exhausted staff deployed Dechoker which removed the obstruction and cleared the airway.

    Clarendon House are part of a larger group that has Dechoker ACD kits available in all of their care homes with eLearning delivered using the free CPD Certified training course made available to all providers.