• Orchard Care install Dechoker across all 46 care home estate

    Harrogate based provider takes delivery of Dechoker devices for all 46 of their care homes.

    After completing training sessions with key members of the Orchard Care support team, Dechoker devices will now be deployed across the entire provider’s portfolio
    which offers a range of specialist care services on both a long and short-term basis.

    After recently announcing that Dechoker saved it’s first life in the UK, Matt Oakley of Dechoker UK said, “It was a pleasure to work with Orchard Care who embraced
    the Dechoker from the first conversation we had.”

    He added. “From there to a decision, delivery, meeting and working with their Training Executives went quickly and smoothly. We are thrilled that Orchard Care
    took the decision to install Dechoker for the safety of their residents and care teams.”

    The Dechoker is designed to remove an obstruction from the airway in a choking emergency. It can be used quickly and easily by care staff regardless if a resident
    is lying down or sitting upright in a chair, or wheelchair and costs under £100

    We offer free training with a minimum purchase of a number of Dechoker devices and and also replace any Dechoker used in a choking emergency for free.
    How Dechoker works when a resident is lying down.