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Dechoker ACD

The Dechoker ACD – Airway Clearance Device – has been developed for use in a choking emergency when existing Basic Life Support techniques have failed.

When a person’s airway is obstructed and they cannot breathe – either with food or another object – then time is absolutely critical. The hand-held Dechoker creates directed suction over the airway and is designed to remove food, liquid or other obstructions.

Dechoker ACD

We replace any Dechoker used in a choking emergency – for FREE

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Our Clients

We support a lot of people to prevent the risk of choking death, and from different sectors.

  • Sanctuary Group Dechoker
  • Hft with Dechoker UK
  • Orchard Care Homes
  • Acacia Care with Dechoker UK
  • Harbour Healthcare
  • Buckinghamshire Council
  • We Care Group and Dechoker UK
  • Maria Mallaband
  • Local Mencap in Kirklees
  • Glenholme
  • Liaise Loddon
  • Lisieux Trust
  • Towerview Care
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