• Safety concerns at care company after choking death

    The health watchdog said “some aspects of the service” at a home care company based in Walsall, “were not always safe” and that there was “limited assurance about safety”.

    The inspection was sparked by the death of a resident who was being cared for by the service, which led to concerns about the ability of staff to respond to people who were choking, according to a report by the CQC.

    The circumstances around the death are still being investigated, the report said. A statment from the providers said the man “passed away in the presence of one of our staff members and paramedics”.

    Experts quizzed staff about procedures for dealing with residents in emergency situations.

    They said “staff did not have all the information they needed to help manage people’s risks safely”.

    The watchdog said action had now been taken around choking.

    It was given the second-lowest rating of requires improvement across all areas following the inspection.

    An spokeswoman said: “The safety and well-being of our service-users is our paramount concern. Our condolences are with his family.

    “We are disappointed with the rating, which was previously ‘good’, but we have immediately addressed areas requiring improvement.”

    Source: Express and Star