Coroner's Court #chokeaware
  • Coroner's Court #chokeaware

    Woman suffers catastrophic brain injury after choking on lamb dinner

    A High Wycombe woman living in supported accommodation sadly choked but later died – paramedics managed to clear some of the food from her airway after she began choking on her evening meal.

    At the inquest into the death of Sarah Chalkley, aged 41, a Coroner heard how she had been diagnosed with Huntingdon’s Chorea, a disease that can affect the ability to chew and swallow food – increasing the risk of choking.

    The inquest on Wednesday, April 28th also heard how both South Central Ambulance Service and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance were called to assist at around 10pm.

    Sarah’s brother said his sister had been “overweight all her life” and would choke on her food “from time to time”.

    He added: “She deteriorated pretty fast and the symptoms came on quickly.”

    He said her background condition of Huntingdon’s made her more prone to choking, but added that Covid-19 may have played a part.

    Her cause of death was recorded as a hypoxic brain injury caused by an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest caused by choking. Huntingdon’s Chorea and Covid-19 were listed as contributory factors.

    The Coroner recorded Sarah’s death as accidental.