• Tragedy as ‘devoted grandmother’ dies after choking on Sunday dinner in Care Home

    A “devoted” grandmother has died after choking on her Sunday dinner in a tragic accident.

    Georgina Hackett, 76, died a large chunk of beef became lodged in her throat at the Somerville House residential home in Hull.

    Members of staff at the home were quickly alerted by another resident and rushed to Mrs Hackett’s aid, slapping her back and performing the Heimlich manoeuvre. But despite their help, Mrs Hackett lost consciousness and she died at 12.51pm on 22nd July last year.

    Somerville House, Hull (Pic: Google)

    Her sister Susan Staines, son Paul Hackett and daughter Beverley Hackett paid tribute to Mrs Hackett after an inquest into her death at Hull Coroner’s Court on Tuesday.

    “She would do anything for you and was devoted to her grandchildren,” said Beverley. “She was a loving mum. Mum liked to socialise and loved to play bingo. She had lots of friends.

    “When I left I kissed her goodbye and told her I loved her and said I would see her on Monday. Later I received a call saying she passed away.”

    Paul said: “My mum lived her life and she worked hard. She was a normal run-of-the-mill person and was liked by everybody.

    “Unfortunately ill health came to her which creeps up on all of us and her life came to a tragic end.”

    Her son, Paul, said more awareness needs to be raised when it comes to choking incidents, particularly with the elderly. He said: “When people get older there is that chance it could happen through ill health. You have got to be aware of older people. Lessons have to be learned.”

    Members of staff and management at Somerville House who attended the inquest that they had not encountered any issues before with Mrs Hackett having trouble eating her food.

    There were no dietary requirements in her care plan in place to have meals cut up for her, but staff said they would normally do so. Somerville House have made amendments to the eating routine of residents at the home following Mrs Hackett’s death.

    The court heard Mrs Hackett’s mental health deteriorated after developing anxiety and depression following an operation, getting to a state where she would not leave the house for about a year. She was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2008.

    She became a resident at Ash Lodge care home before she was transferred to Somerville House in Boulevard in November 2009 at the request of her husband, Brian Hackett.

    Mr Hackett was deeply involved in taking care of his wife and helped in providing a care plan for her. He would visit every day between 6pm and 8pm to help her to bed until he passed away following a heart attack in December 2017.

    Beverley said: “My dad was devoted to her. Even if he was ill he was still there.”

    Assistant coroner Lorraine Harris concluded Mrs Hackett died as a result of food bolus asphyxia and brain atrophy. Her death has been recorded as an accident.

    Source: HullLive