• Man, 46, dies after choking on toast at his Stoke-on-Trent home

    A 46-year-old man died after choking on a piece of toast Peter Harley had last been seen eating the toast on the settee at the family’s Heron Cross home.

    But two hours later his dad – also named Peter Harley – discovered his son unresponsive on the sofa in the early hours of 12th February

    Paramedics attended the Grove Road address and discovered Peter’s airway was blocked. They pronounced him dead at the scene.

    A statement from Mr Harley Senior was read out during his son’s inquest at North Staffordshire Coroner’s Court.

    He said: “We were watching TV and when I went to bed at 11pm I left him eating a piece of toast sitting on the sofa. I woke up at 1am and went to check on my son as I could still hear the TV downstairs.

    “My son was unresponsive with toast stuck in his mouth. I called an ambulance, but I already knew he had gone.”

    A post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as ‘airway obstruction by food’.

    A West Midlands Ambulance Service report states: “The patient was found by his next-of-kin having left him sat on the sofa. His airway was obstructed by food. We certified death at the scene.”

    Assistant coroner Sarah Murphy concluded Peter’s death was accidental.

    She said: “The deceased had a medical history of obesity and hypertension.

    “He was last seen alive at 11pm on February 11th watching TV with his father and eating a piece of toast. He found him unresponsive on the sofa at 1am on February 12.

    “Paramedics attended and found the airway to be fully obstructed and bread stuck in his right cheek and down into the airway.”

    Source: Stoke-on-Trent Live