• Talking Choking Deaths on TalkRadio with Penny Smith

    After being being quoted in The Times article which raised the concerns over the number of choking deaths in the adult care sector, our CEO Matt Oakley was invited to speak to Penny Smith on her TalkRadio afternoon show.

    It was an excellent opportunity to explain the background behind the figures my team at Dechoker UK published last year, which led to the Chris Smyth’s article in the first place.

    Matt talked to Penny about the concerns we have raised with both the Department for Health & Social Care (DHSC) and the Care Quaility Commission (CQC), and how they have failed to acknowledge the problem.

    With 11 choking deaths prevented in the UK with Dechoker last year, he outlined what both he and his team are are doing to reach their target of 100 lives saved by 2022

    You can listen again on the TalkRadio website.