• The FED prepare to improve safety for care home residents in Greater Manchester

    Situated in the heart of Greater Manchester, Healthlands Village is a Jewish home which provides on-site care for around 1000 people at a time.

    With ultra-modern facilities, Heathlands Village provides the highest standard of person-centred care with a wide variety of options that can offer continuity of care.

    Funding for the Dechoker and training was received after an approach was made by members of the community. This resulted in several devices being placed around the site to help protect both residents and care staff should a choking emergency occur.

    Training for care teams on how to use Dechoker will be now delivered internally after a team from The FED (pictured) completed a morning of instruction with their new manikin and equipment.

    Choking kills in around 10 minutes. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the elderly are at significantly higher risk which result in several hundred deaths a year.

    With the ability to be used when the person choking is sitting down, Dechoker will now be on-hand if needed.