Dechoker UK
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User Training

On Site

We appreciate that every organisation is unique and will discuss with you how we can work to suit your requirements.

A popular option is our rolling programme which minimises the disruption to your daily schedule by training 2, 3 or 5 staff at a time.

Training consists of an overview of Dechoker and the safety features, followed by a demonstration on our manikin of how to use it both when a patient is in the upright and lying down position.

Each attendee is then required to demonstrate on the manikin they can also use the Dechoker in both scenarios. Certificates can be issued if required.

Train The Trainer (TTT)

We know that some organisations have their own personnel and processes in place for delivering ongoing training and CPD to their care teams.

We can provide extended instruction and documentation to allow them to cascade Dechoker training as part of their existing programme.

Dechoker Training Devices are available for purchase to assist with this.


We have created an Online Learning Platform with course content specifically designed around Dechoker.

Using real life video demonstrations combined with text based instruction the platform is easy to navigate and can be accessed via PC, Tablet or phone.

Each section can be viewed multiple times by the pupil and is backed up with a series of questions at the end. The answers to which can only be gained from viewing the previous content.

Pupils are then able to produce a certificate at the end of the course which takes around 20 minutes.