Dechoker Training Manikin
  • Dechoker Training Manikin

    Adult Care Provider set to begin Dechoker training ahead of national roll-out

    Staffing levels at Dechoker UK offices jumped recently as preparations began for this rather impressive, and yet some might say unsettling looking group prepared to make their way out to a new client.

    One of the largest adult care providers in the UK will shortly commence training ahead of a national roll-out of Dechoker ACD kits within their services. Who is it?

    We can’t reveal who this just yet. However the process from initial approach to deployment was taken after some considerable consideration and review by the provider. Both commercially, and more importantly, clinically.

    The Dechoker does not replace choking Basic Life Support, nor is it intended to do. Often contrary to what is said or reported about the role of an Airway Clearance Device (ACD) such as Dechoker.

    In comparison, a Defibrillator is not used instead of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) but used with it. Training, like that delivered by our new and existing clients ensures that the Dechoker ACD is used correctly.