• Triple Christmas Care Home Choking Tragedy avoided

    Three residents will ‘still be alive for Christmas’ thanks to the quick responses of care staff at three separate care home choking incidents.

    In what could have easily been a triple tragedy for several families, care staff stepped in with Dechoker – avoiding the heartache at possibly the worst time of year.

    A Dechoker is used around once a week in a life threatening choking incident across the adult care sector and so it’s not unusual to receive a request for replacement device to be sent to a provider.

    The Paddocks in Swaffham, Norfolk got in touch last week after one of their resident began to choke on some food. The obstruction could not be freed despite the efforts of care staff and so used a Dechoker.

    The obstruction was freed quickly and the resident did not need to be go to A&E

    Cloverfields Care Home in Whitchurch, Shropshire had a similar incident when a resident began to choke on food during their meal. Staff again tried to clear the obstruction and again were unsuccessful despite their best efforts.

    With the distinctive yellow case opened and Dechoker deployed the resident’s airway cleared allowing them to breathe successfully and saving their life.

    Lake View in Telford, Shropshire was the 3rd care home to reach out out to the Dechoker team to arrange their replacement device after they too deployed a device when a resident choked.

    In what is a familiar story, care staff struggled to clear a resident’s airway when they began to choke. Fortunately, all Sanctuary Care locations have multiple Dechoker devices on site and quickly put on to use.

    If you want to know more about how we can help you when a choking incident occurs – get in touch.