Dechoker saves resident at care home
  • Dechoker saves resident at care home

    Foresight pays off as Dechoker prevents choking death at Care Home

    Back in September last year, just as we started to lock down again we visited one of the new homes of Lovett Care and delivered Dechoker training.

    Having recognised the risks, Lovett Care made the decision to deploy our life-saving ACD equipment across all of their homes – and one that very recently proved proved to be a life-saving decision.

    Dechoker visited Twyford House in September to deliver training.

    Lovett Care has been operating care homes for over 10 years and has five prestigious locations across Staffordshire, Cheshire and the North East.

    It was at one of these homes where the care team deployed a Dechoker ACD when a resident began to choke and efforts to remove the obstruction using back blows and abdominal thrusts had failed.

    Lovett Care Operations Director, Debbie Baker, commented: “We are committed to investing in lifesaving technologies that help us keep our residents safe and well.

    “The Dechoker is an innovative device allows our team to confidently and competently administer first aid in the event of choking.”

    Care teams completed Dechoker Training last year.

    Thankfully these incidents are rare but thanks to the quick and efficient action of our team at Charlotte House the resident involved has made a full and speedy recovery” She added.

    “Choking is one of the most common causes of unexpected death in adult care, and one that can happen so quickly that it often takes people by surprise at the speed at which at kills.” said Matt Oakley, CEO at Dechoker UK