• Yorkare call on Dechoker as CQC deliver Outstanding rating

    Yorkare Homes has once again called on Dechoker to assist in a choking emergency, with the resident remaining safe and well in the home.

    It comes just months after the CQC cited their Yorkshire based care provider’s use of innovative technology as it delivered an Outstanding rating for their home in Hedon.

    The incident occurred when a resident began choking on their medication, with staff quick to respond.

    Yorkare Operations Director Jonathan Garton said: “We are pleased to say that the DeChoker saved another life at Yorkare Homes.

    He added “Our extensive internal training using both practical instruction and eLearning allowed the member of staff to quickly and calmly use the DeChoker to remove the blockage safely.

    “Having the equipment in our Homes provides our teams with the confidence to know they can handle any choking emergency that might occur.”

    On their last visit to Magdalen House the CQC highlighted the use of the Dechoker in their inspection report which delivered an Outstanding rating.

    The provider had invested further in new evidence-based techniques and technologies to support the delivery of high-quality care. They had recently bought an airway clearance device, designed to remove an obstruction in any person found choking.

    Staff had successfully used the device when one person had been found unconscious and choking on food; the person subsequently made a full recovery.

    CQC Inspection report

    The entire Yorkare portfolio of homes has Dechoker devices on-site with hands on training delivered in house and using the CPD Certified Dechoker eLearning module.